• Can insured use all 10 Pact Pauses continuously one after the other?

    Yes, insured will be able to use all 10 pauses back to back but would have to start a new Pause every 14 days after about 30 minutes from previous Pause expiration.

  • Is there a time limit from inception of policy to when insured can start their first Pause?

    No, there is no time limit insured can start Pause right away.

  • What increments can I Pause my coverage for? How many times?

    You can Pause your coverage for a minimum of 2 days and maximum of 14 days.
    Per 6 month policy, you can Pause you coverage 10 times. 

  • My Pause doesn’t start for two weeks but your app won’t let me add a vehicle through endorsements

    When a Pause is scheduled, we lock the policy from other changes. We do this to preserve the savings estimate in the scheduled Pause. Changing coverages will change the amount saved during a Pause. If the user would like to add a vehicle, tell them to cancel the Pause, add a vehicle, and reschedule. In this case, they should see their Pause savings go up!

  • My pause has started, but I need to quickly pick up my son from school 1 mile away

    First things first, tell them to cancel their pause immediately in app. Driving without Bodily Injury and Property Damage is against the law in most states. Monitor their policy - if a Pause follow up activity does not generate within the next 30 minutes, follow up with the customer and inform them that their Pause did not cancel, and they are driving without coverage.

  • I scheduled my Pause, is there anything else I have to do?

    If the user has scheduled a Pause, but the start date hasn’t passed, we cannot confirm anything in PolicyOne. For the above query, ask the user when their Pause is scheduled to start, and tell them to they don’t have to do anything else - just make sure they are not driving when the Pause starts!

  • When do changes to my policy go into effect?

    Changes will go into effect immediately. 

  • Why did my rate increase?

    Pact strives to offer drivers the most instant and affordable insurance in the market. To do so, we take into account a wide range of factors that enable us to provide the most tailored coverage on the road. A change in one of these factors, should it be due to you (change in address, vehicles covered, driving record), new events (an uptick in drivers getting into accidents, weather causing a lot of accidents), or us (industry trends, actuarial analyses), could lead to an increase (or decrease) in rates.

  • Where is my insurance card?

    To access your insurance card, tap the “Card” tab at the bottom of the Pact app. If you would like to share or print your card, access your Insurance Card on the app and click on the vertical ellipses on the top right of the screen.

  • How do I change my payment method?

    To update your payment method, go to “Payments & billing” under the main menu and tap "Edit".

  • I linked my bank account. How do I know my payment was successful?

    Your policy is active as long as we receive payment. It may take up to 6 days to process and confirm your payment.

    Please note you must maintain a bank account balance greater than the downpayment until payment clears. This is important! If payment fails due in insufficient funds, we'll have to cancel your policy.

  • I just purchased a monthly policy. Why is my next payment only a few weeks away?

    We like to keep things straightforward at Pact. If we have payment for your insurance, you're covered.

    For the second month's bill, we charge a couple weeks after the start of the policy. That's an effort to avoid unpaid coverages, which add costs we'd have to pass on to policyholders. We chose a simpler process, meaning cheaper premiums for you!

    So, make sure your payment method is good to go on the billing dates. You're not being double-charged, and after this payment, you'll be billed on a monthly schedule for the duration of your policy.


  • Does my insurance cover rental cars?

    Your Pact auto insurance extends to while you’re driving a rental car with the same coverages as if you were driving your car. If you have comprehensive and collision, you would be covered for damage to the vehicle, with the same limits and deductibles as your Pact coverage. The same applies to bodily injury and property damage should you hit another driver and cause damages and injuries.

    Many drivers may still elect to buy insurance from the rental car company. This could be because you may not have certain coverages on your Pact policy or don’t want to use your own insurance.

  • How do I cancel my Pact Policy?

    To cancel your Pact policy, either call our customer service team at (818) 722-8963 or have your new insurance company send us a notice of cancellation. If you elect the 2nd option, we will reach out to you via phone and email to confirmation cancellation. Your cancellation will not be effective until you’ve confirmed the notice of cancellation.