• I sent all my referrals, why have I not been paid?

    You only get rewards if the person (using that phone number) you sent a referral to gets a quote with Pact after the referral was sent. Rewards are not offered for the following situations:

    • User sends a referral to someone who has already gotten a quote with Pact.
    • User sends a referral to someone who starts a quote, but does not complete the quote in the promo window.

    If the user sends a referral and it results in a quote, Pact will send payment in the form of an Amazon gift certificate in approximately one month.

  • I sent my referral to the wrong number by mistake. Can you undo it?

    Unfortunately our referral system can't be changed after you send a referral. There will likely be more referral promos in the future though, stay tuned!

  • My green dot disappeared, how do I view my referrals?

    The green dot disappears from the home screen for 1 of 2 reasons

    1. The user sent all four referrals. In this case, they can view their sent referrals in the Menu. Encourage them to follow up with the people they sent referrals to, and make sure they get a quote!
    2. The promo has ended. If the user sent referrals, there will be a 10 day window after the promo ends for their referees to still get a quote eligible for rewards.