Pact Pause

  • What is Pact Pause

    With Pact Pause, we either remove or lower to the lowest legal limit all of your driving-related policy coverages. As your coverage levels are lowered (while maintaining vehicle protection for non-driving incidents), so are your premiums, and we pass along all related savings back to you. All savings are applied to your next policy payment. 

  • What's the minimum time period I can Pause my coverage for?

    You can Pause your coverage for a minimum of 2 days

  • Do I still legally have car insurance?

    You do! Your policy still remains in force with coverage the entire time you Pause.

  • What if I forget to turn my coverage back on after pausing?

    When you set your Pause period, you'll chose when you want your Pause to end. Once the Pause period is over, your driving-related coverages will automatically be reinstated. Should you want to end your Pause earlier than scheduled, just open the Pause feature and select “Cancel Pause.”

  • Why were my Pause savings so low?

    If you only have minimum liability insurance, your coverage is already at or near the state minimum. The lower your regular (non-Pause) coverages are, the less savings effect Pause has.

  • What if someone drives my car without my knowledge when I'm on Pause and gets in an accident?

    When you schedule a Pause, you sign a form confirming that all vehicles on your policy will not be driven.  If someone drives a car on a Paused policy, they would be doing so illegally - without the minimum coverage requirements.  If they get in an accident, your vehicle will not be covered.

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