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How does the claims process work?

The claims process is initiated as soon as you report an accident. An adjuster (person who investigates and handles claims) will be assigned to you, and they will be your representative throughout the claims process.

Your claim will now go through three stages:

Reported — You've completed the form in the app, and it's being assigned to an adjuster.

Pending — Your adjuster is investigating the accident and working with all parties involved to determine who was at fault. Your adjuster may also:

    • Contact you for more information,
    • Inspect the damage to your vehicle, and/or
    • Ask you to take the car to a certified repair shop that will perform the inspection.

After the investigation, your adjuster will evaluate the facts. If another driver is determined to be at-fault, you will need to work with the other driver's insurance company to receive settlement of a claim. Otherwise, your adjuster will authorize any initial payments based on your situation and your coverages.

Closed — The adjuster will authorize any final payments. You’ll then be able to sign a release to accept payment for the claim.

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