About Pact

About Pact

  • What is Pact?

    Pact is a new kind of car insurance tailor-made to you. Pact introduces fully mobile car insurance, enabling you to manage every aspect of your insurance completely from your phone. Get a quote, adjust your policy, text/call support, file a claim, and request roadside assistance, all in-app.

  • How does it work?

    Pact is built end-to-end with modern technology. Pact removes the agent headcount, unnecessary coverages, and the bloated service infrastructure of big insurers and replaces them with instant, mobile-based control. That means less friction between you and us, and less friction means more savings for you. 

  • How much money will I save with Pact?

    Customers can save up to $70 per month. There's only one way to find out how much you can save. Get the app and get your price in seconds.

  • What kind of insurance company is Pact?

    Pact is a Managing General Agency with underwriting privileges. Pact rates, produces, and services all policies and works alongside a top-rated insurance carrier (rated A for “Excellent” by A.M. Best). This enables us to offer secure coverage with a modern experience and high-quality customer service.

  • Am I getting less coverage or service since I'm paying less?

    Absolutely not. Our digital platform allows us to offer customers tailored coverages and services when they need it without the bloat of big insurers. Policyholders can quickly and easily request claims and customer support all in-app. Pact manages the entire support process to ensure you're taken care of every step of the way.

  • Do you have service agents?

    Yes. And when we say service, we mean it. Agents are here to help you, not to sell you on coverages, and they're not paid with commission. We don't require you to call a "middleman" to get a quote or ask for discounts. Pact's self-service app has everything you need, from quotes to claims. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to give us a ring.

    The Pact Customer Service team is available by phone (818) 722-8963: Monday through Saturday, 9am - 12pm Eastern Time. Sunday, 10am - 6pm Eastern Time.



  • What should I do in an accident?

    You can access our accident checklist via the mobile app in “Accidents & claims” under the main menu. Here's a summary of what you should do:

    Safety first
    If there are any injuries or property damage, call 911 immediately. Even if no one is hurt, you should always contact the police and file an accident report. You might need it when you file certain claims.

    Keep calm
    After making sure everyone is safe, it's important to remain calm and stay focused on documenting the accident. Don't admit fault. An investigation may later show you were not responsible.

    Exchange information
    Document the following:

    • Names and insurance information for each driver involved in the accident,
    • Vehicle information for each car involved in the accident,
    • Names and addresses of any witnesses, and
    • Names and badge numbers of police officers and investigators.

    Document everything
    Take photos of the accident scene and all vehicle damage, even if it's not yours. Document any contributing factors to the accident, such as obscured traffic signs or debris. Note what happened as soon as possible. If you can, draw a diagram to recreate the scene.

    Report your claim
    Use the Pact app to upload all your notes and photos. A claims rep will be assigned within 24 hours.

  • What do I do if I need transportation after my car is damaged in an accident?

    If you have Flexible Transportation Coverage, you can rent a car or rideshare with Lyft or Uber, and we'll cover the transportation costs up to the limits shown on your Coverage summary, available under “Policy documents” on the Menu tab in app.

    All you need to do is submit your receipt(s) for reimbursement. The reimbursement will be handled by the adjuster assigned to your claim. You can email your receipt(s) to the adjuster. Once the receipts are approved, we'll send you the reimbursement.

    If you have any questions regarding the coverage or the how to submit receipts, your claims adjuster assigned to your claim is available to help answer any questions.

  • How do I file a claim?

    If you are covered by a Pact auto insurance policy, you can file a claim:

    • In app: In the Pact app, under the “Menu” tab, click “File a claim” and follow the instructions to submit a claim 24/7/365. Upon submission, a claims representative will be assigned within 24 hours.
    • By phone (855) 722-8170: The Pact Claims team is available 24/7.
  • How does the claims process work?

    The claims process is initiated as soon as you report an accident. An adjuster (person who investigates and handles claims) will be assigned to you, and they will be your representative throughout the claims process.

    Your claim will now go through three stages:

    Reported — You've completed the form in the app, and it's being assigned to an adjuster.

    Pending — Your adjuster is investigating the accident and working with all parties involved to determine who was at fault. Your adjuster may also:

      • Contact you for more information,
      • Inspect the damage to your vehicle, and/or
      • Ask you to take the car to a certified repair shop that will perform the inspection.

    After the investigation, your adjuster will evaluate the facts. If another driver is determined to be at-fault, you will need to work with the other driver's insurance company to receive settlement of a claim. Otherwise, your adjuster will authorize any initial payments based on your situation and your coverages.

    Closed — The adjuster will authorize any final payments. You’ll then be able to sign a release to accept payment for the claim.

  • How do I request roadside assistance?

    Roadside assistance is on-demand with Pact. On the “Menu” tab in the Pact app, tap “Request roadside assistance” and follow the steps.

  • How do I get reimbursed if I use different roadside assistance?

    Should you use non-Pact roadside assistance and roadside is covered in your policy, you should email the receipt to help@pactinsurance.com and Pact will verify your claim and send you a check. 

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  • Which coverages should I get?

    Pact is built to make it as convenient as possible to pick the coverages you need. Pact recommends a set of coverages customized to you when you get a quote.

    If you already have an auto insurance policy or have had one in the recent past, Pact will build a plan for you that considers those coverages as much as possible so you can make an easy comparison.

    If we cannot get information on your insurance history, we'll build a plan just for you, based off of your profile information and the condition of your vehicles. You can learn about your plan after getting a quote in the mobile app.

  • Understanding your coverages


    • Deductible - This is the amount you pay for covered damages before Pact starts to pay. Selecting a higher deductible will lower your premium, but it means you'll have to pay more out-of-pocket in case of an accident.
    • Limit - This is the maximum amount of money Pact will pay if you make a claim. Limits have a per person limit and/or a per accident limit.
      • Example: You have liability insurance with a $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident limit. If you are at-fault in an auto-accident—regardless of of how many people are injured—Pact will pay up to $50,000 to any individual for their injuries, and no more than $100,000 total.
    • Premium - This is how much you pay to keep your auto insurance active. With Pact, you can pay monthly or pay for 6-months in full.

    Understanding each coverage

    General coverages for your entire policy:

    • Bodily injury liability – We pay the medical costs that you’re responsible for as a result of an accident, up to the limit you choose.
    • Property damage liability — We pay the repair costs that you’re responsible for as a result of an accident, up to the limit you choose.
    • Medical payments – We pay the medical costs when you get injured as a result of an accident, regardless of who’s at fault, up to the limit you choose.
    • Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury – We pay the medical costs of you and your passengers' injuries when you’re struck by a driver who doesn’t have any or enough insurance, up to the limit you choose.
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage – We pay for the cost of repairs to your vehicle when the driver at fault doesn't have any or enough insurance, up to the limit you choose.

    Coverages for your vehicles

    • Collision – We pay the repair costs of your car if you happen to collide with someone or something, after you pay the deductible you choose.
    • Comprehensive – We pay the repair costs of your car for incidental damage (natural disaster, vandalism, theft, deer) that you are not at fault for, after you pay the deductible you choose.
    • Roadside assistance – We pay for the service to get your vehicle drivable or off the road due to mechanical or electrical issues, including towing, battery service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, lockout service, and extrication.
    • Flexible transportation – We pay your ridesharing or rental car costs when you need transportation while your car is being repaired as a result of a covered claim, up to the limit you choose.
    • Loan/lease payoff – We pay for the gap between what you owe on your car and what it’s worth when your leased vehicle is totaled in a covered accident, theft, or other loss.
  • How is my premium calculated?

    Pact determines your rate from the information you put into your quote. This includes:

    1. Where you live
    2. What cars you drive (make, model, year of vehicle)
    3. Who is driving (your driving record, gender, age, and other factors)
    4. How much you're covered for

    Here's what Pact does not use to calculate your rate:

    • Color of your vehicle
    • Ethnicity

    We also do not require you to use any dongles or other telematics devices to determine your rate.

  • How do I know what I am covered for?

    You can find your Coverage summary under “Policy documents” on the Menu tab of the Pact app, alongside your other policy documents.

  • Do I have roadside assistance?

    Yes. We offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance nationwide through the Pact app or by phone.

  • How do I add or remove vehicles? Drivers?

    Under “Change your policy” in the Menu tab on the Pact app, you are able to add and remove vehicles and drivers from your policy.

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  • When do changes to my policy go into effect?

    Changes will go into effect immediately. 

  • Why did my rate increase?

    Rate increases are always frustrating. We don’t like them, you don’t like them, but they are a reality in insurance. At Pact our goal is provide the fairest possible price to our customers for the longest possible time. Sometimes that means tweaks to our rates so we can keep the lights on. We’d like to break down the possible causes of of rate changes.

    Something we did
    We are proud to offer policyholders customized coverage that you control. And as part of being a first-of-its-kind business, this means new learnings and lessons.

    The policy management features Pact offers, from instant purchases, to unlimited policy endorsements, have never been included in how insurance companies calculate rates. We’re pumped about frequent user engagement with our app and coverage, and that is providing insight into how we may need to adjust feature offerings and policy prices.

    We are proud to be the only car insurance company that provides you with absolute control over what you pay. And with unlimited instant, free endorsements, in-app towing and claims, and build-your-own-policy functionality, Pact will always strive to put you in the drivers seat of your car insurance.

    Something you did
    Pact relies heavily on the information in your application to determine your rates. Using your states driving records, we are able to verify information you provide. If we find that you left something out or misreported something, we’ll update on our end and that may effect your rates.

    Your driver history is also used by auto insurance companies to set rates. If you get into an accident or commit a violation during your Pact term, that will likely change your rates. On the flip side, a continued clean driving record will likely result in rate decreases.

    Something else
    While less common, there are things outside of both of our control that can effect rates. These include changes in the cost of vehicle repair, increased likelihood of extreme weather or natural disaster, and increased frequency of accidents in your area.

  • Where is my insurance card?

    To access your insurance card, tap the “Card” tab at the bottom of the Pact app. If you would like to share or print your card, access your Insurance Card on the app and click on the vertical ellipses on the top right of the screen.

  • How do I change my payment method?

    To update your payment method, go to “Payments & billing” under the main menu and tap "Edit".

  • I linked my bank account. How do I know my payment was successful?

    Your policy is active as long as we receive payment. It may take up to 6 days to process and confirm your payment.

    Please note you must maintain a bank account balance greater than the downpayment until payment clears. This is important! If payment fails due in insufficient funds, we'll have to cancel your policy.

  • I just purchased a monthly policy. Why is my next payment only a few weeks away?

    We like to keep things straightforward at Pact. If we have payment for your insurance, you're covered.

    For the second month's bill, we charge a couple weeks after the start of the policy. That's an effort to avoid unpaid coverages, which add costs we'd have to pass on to policyholders. We chose a simpler process, meaning cheaper premiums for you!

    So, make sure your payment method is good to go on the billing dates. You're not being double-charged, and after this payment, you'll be billed on a monthly schedule for the duration of your policy.


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  • I sent all my referrals, why have I not been paid?

    You only get rewards if the person (using that phone number) you sent a referral to gets a quote with Pact after the referral was sent. Rewards are not offered for the following situations:

    • User sends a referral to someone who has already gotten a quote with Pact.
    • User sends a referral to someone who starts a quote, but does not complete the quote in the promo window.

    If the user sends a referral and it results in a quote, Pact will send payment in the form of an Amazon gift certificate in approximately one month.

  • I sent my referral to the wrong number by mistake. Can you undo it?

    Unfortunately our referral system can't be changed after you send a referral. There will likely be more referral promos in the future though, stay tuned!

  • My green dot disappeared, how do I view my referrals?

    The green dot disappears from the home screen for 1 of 2 reasons

    1. The user sent all four referrals. In this case, they can view their sent referrals in the Menu. Encourage them to follow up with the people they sent referrals to, and make sure they get a quote!
    2. The promo has ended. If the user sent referrals, there will be a 10 day window after the promo ends for their referees to still get a quote eligible for rewards.